Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Upouuden Mahti-Mix 2 -kasetin tahtiin rokkaava Marvelin Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 jatkaa ryhmän seikkailuja halki kosmoksen syöverien.

Galaksin vartijoiden on taisteltava pitääkseen uuden perheensä koossa heidän ratkoessaan Peter Quillin vanhempien arvoitusta. Vanhoista vihollisista tulee uusia liittolaisia ja klassikkosarjakuvien suosikkihahmot rientävät sankariemme avuksi, kun Marvelin elokuvauniversumi jatkaa laajentumistaan.


“… fun time with a lot of heart. – Family is a big theme in this movie and serves as its unifying plot thread. If the first Guardians of the Galaxy was about bringing the team together, this one is about testing that bond. 

– one of the most emotional conclusions to a Marvel movie yet. Because these are characters we care about, there are real stakes here across a wide array of heroes. And after keeping everyone apart for a lot of the movie, their reunion and reaffirmed affection for one another feels earned by the end. 

– It also shouldn’t be understated that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is as beautiful to look at as the first movie, with its bright, almost psychedelic aesthetic getting some more ‘70s influences this time around.”

Terri Schwartz, IGN

“Gunn has done it again, crafting a sequel that keeps the focus on the characters we fell for first time around while pumping up the volume.

– Marvel has handed Gunn the keys to the kingdom. And that confidence is evident from the film’s credit sequence, which presents an action set-piece in a hilarious and highly unorthodox manner, while giving the incredibly cute Baby Groot a glorious moment in the spotlight and serving notice that 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2', the mix-tape that drives the film’s soundtrack, is going to be every bit as earwormy as 'Vol. 1'.

– Beneath the film’s sass — and there’s plenty of that again — there’s a real beating heart.

– There’s plenty to enjoy here, whether it’s the perfectly deployed Baby Groot moments, or a general strain of anarchic weirdness that runs all the way through the credits and which still feels unique to this franchise, not just within the MCU, but blockbusters in general. It’s easy to overlook the odd off note when a mix is this awesome.”

★★★★ Chris Hewitt, Empire Online

“…a lively comedic space opera filled with banter between humans and imaginative aliens, astonishing visual effects, and the most idiosyncratic set of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

– …he [James Gunn] excels at turning cheesy, technologically overwrought material into next-level spectacle. There’s so much to enjoy about the “Guardians” that one can easily relax into its formula. It’s often a thrill to simply roll with the lively classic rock soundtrack, smarmy banter, slapstick battle scenes, and a wooden alien named Groot, now more adorable than ever.

– At its best, both “Guardians” movies unfold as pop-fantasia alternatives to the typical blockbuster tentpoles. Gunn throws a raucous party within familiar constraints.

– With the Guardians always eager to blast the stereo as they head into action, “Vol. 2” is basically the best mainstream American musical since “La La Land”. Those moments are complemented by the romantic vibes of Pratt and Saldana dancing to Sam Cooke, and a nice use of “My Sweet Lord” as the team arrives on Ego’s psychedelic planet. Drop the narrative altogether, and the whole thing might play as a 21st-century “Yellow Submarine.””

Eric Krohn, Indiewire

Ohjaus: James Gunn

Näyttelijät: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper


Kieli: Englanti, tekstitetty suomeksi. 

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