Solo: A Star Wars Story 3D

"Solo is a swashbuckling success, a space adventure that pays homage to the DNA of the original films while carving out its own unique space in the canon." The Verge


3D-versio. 2D-näytökset täällä!


Nouse Millennium Falconin kyytiin ja matkusta kaukaiseen galaksiin elokuvassa Solo: A Star Wars Story, joka on galaksin rakastetuimmasta lurjuksesta kertova upouusi seikkailu.

Jännittävien vaiheiden jälkeen rikollisen alamaailman synkissä ja vaarallisissa syövereissä Han Solo tapaa tulevan pilottitoverinsa, mahtavan Chewbaccan, ja kohtaa pahamaineisen pelurin Lando Calrissianin matkalla, joka määrää tulevaisuuden suunnan yhdelle Star Wars -saagan yllättävimmistä sankareista.

Yritys- ja ennakkonäytökset mahdollisia tämän elokuvan kanssa! Lisätietoa täältä.


"Han Solo origins film is boisterous bromance […] – […] a crackingly enjoyable adventure which frankly deserves full episode status in the great franchise, not just one of these intermittent place-holding iterations. Ron Howard was born to direct it. 

– Solo: A Star Wars Story moreover has a glorious origin myth meet-cute to set up one of cinema’s greatest bromances: the stoic wookiee Chewbacca and the insolently handsome freebooting rebel pilot Han Solo – and Alden Ehrenreich absolutely crushes the role to powder, swaggeringly reviving the memory of the young Harrison Ford’s romantic gallantry. And there’s another meet-cute, come to think of it: the love that flowers between man and machine, between the reckless pilot and the sleekly iconic Millennium Falcon.

– Solo: A Star Wars Story reshuffles the accepted component myth-parts in a way that some find overfamiliar: there are desert scenes, weirdo cabaret acts. But I found it purely lovable. With Howard at the controls, the movie is a fun-fuelled entertainment."

★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Solo is a swashbuckling success, a space adventure that pays homage to the DNA of the original films while carving out its own unique space in the canon. It’s a sheer delight, but it also has the courage to explore the darker aspects of a character who could have all too easily been polished to an inoffensive, family-friendly Disney sheen. Solo represents the most refined iteration yet of the new Disney / Lucasfilm formula — and cements longtime series screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan’s place as the defining voice of the Star Wars universe.

– It’s part heist movie, filled with near-miss scrapes and daring escapes. It’s part Western, full of betrayals and standoffs. And it’s got a dash of screwball romantic comedy as well. It’s a multi-genre mix that calls to mind the original A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It doesn’t share the same vast intergalactic scope, but it feels like Star Wars, in concrete, definable ways that some fans have argued has been missing from more recent franchise installments.

But Solo succeeds because it’s not interested in just being a greatest-hits mixtape. There are familiar scenarios, and plenty of moments of fan service — some better executed than others — but with Solo, the filmmakers are interested in actually exploring a key part of Han Solo’s character. It’s a story about how he became the guy Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi met in Mos Eisley Cantina, but that doesn’t mean staging an interlocking series of events that lead up to that moment, as the prequels did. Solo is about the events that shaped him into a smuggling scoundrel.

– When it comes to the Star Wars franchise, no one other than George Lucas himself has had more of an authorial voice than Lawrence Kasdan. […] When audiences rattle off their favorite Star Wars movies, they’re more likely than not to name a film Kasdan wrote. 

– For some fans, the allure of Star Wars has been more than just mythic archetypes (which many franchises have) or iconic spaceship designs and aesthetics. […] It’s about a fictional world that embodies a specific kind of genre mash-up, with an elevated B-movie sensibility. It’s about bantering, sarcastic characters that often do the dumbest things possible, but manage to scrape by because ultimately, their hearts are in the right place. When fans talk about something feeling like Star Wars, they’re often referring to Kasdan’s take on those ideas.  […] Solo: A Star Wars Story is classic Star Wars, and if it ends up being the last time Lawrence Kasdan writes a movie in this universe, it’s one incredibly entertaining, instructive swan song."

Bryan Bishop, The Verge


Ohjaus: Ron Howard

Käsikirjoitus: Jonathan Kasdan & Lawrence Kasdan

Näyttelijät: Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Paul Bettany, Joonas Suotamo

Levittäjä: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland

Kieli: Englanti & alien-kielet, tekstitetty suomeksi ja ruotsiksi. 

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