Your Name

(Kimi no na wa)

“…koskettava nuorten ja aikuisten satu." ★★★★★ Episodi

"…beautiful…dazzling…breathtaking…rip-roaring…heartbreaking…thrilling…exuberant… – “Dreams fade away after you wake up.” Not so this splendid movie, which will leave audiences in a heady reverie long after its mysterious light has faded from the screen."   ★★★★★ The Guardian

“…one of the most earnest, intimate, and admirable romances in recent movie history. – …a wonderful cinematic experience. You don’t need to be an anime fan to enjoy Your Name… – At the end of the day, Your Name is a timeless crowd-pleaser that will have you laughing, crying, and loving right along with Mitsuha and Taki for years to come.”  ★★★★★ Collider

Maailman katsotuin japanilainen animaatioelokuva sitten Henkien kätkemän! Herkkä, koskettava ja kuvankaunis elokuva Your Name jatkaa upeasti haikean ja hieman mystisen japanilaisanimaation perinnettä. Tämä kannattaa aikuistenkin katsoa!

Pitkästynyt pikkukaupungin tyttö Mitsuha uneksii elämästä komeana tokiolaispoikana. Eräänä aamuna Mitsuha tosiaan herää menevän Takin kehossa. Tokiolainen Taki herää samaan aikaan suloisena Mitsuhana. Totaalista ensihämmennystä seuraa innostus. Kumpikin pääsee tutkimaan… toista puolta itsessään. Taki ja Mitsuha oppivat jättämään viestejä toisilleen, toiselle minälleen. Mutta onko kosminen yhteys liian kaunis kestääkseen?

Juhlittuja lyhytelokuvia ja pieniä tuotantoja tehnyt ohjaaja Makoto Shinkai yllätti koko elokuva-alan. Viime elokuussa Japanissa ensi-iltansa saanut “your name.” on lyhyessä ajassa noussut maailman kaikkien aikojen katsotuimmaksi anime-elokuvaksi ohi Hayao Miyazakin Henkien kätkemän. Rajoja kaatavasta visionäärisestä teoksesta on ansaitusti tullut kansainvälinen tapaus.


“Elokuva on koskettava nuorten ja aikuisten satu. Tarinallisesti ja temaattisesti sitä voi verrata japanilaisen kirjailija Haruki Murakamin töihin kuten suurteokseen 1Q84. Fantasian ja realismin yhteen nivouttaminen toimii parhaimmillaan juuri näin kekseliäästi.

Tietysti on luontevaa verrata Your Namea myös Miyazakin parhaisiin töihin: visuaalinen ilme on kaunis, parhaimmillaan hengästyttävän hieno. Tarinan omaperäisyys ansaitsee myös paljon kiitosta. Siinä missä Hollywood tekee niin sanotusti varmaksi todettuja, jo tuttuja tarinoita, uudet ja omalaatuiset ideat löytävät kodin jostakin muualta. Ainutlaatuisuus käsikirjoituksen puolella takaa monesti myös tinkimättömän lopputuloksen. En itseasiassa olisi yllättynyt vaikka Hollywoodissa olisi jo kiinnostuttu tästä projektista.”

★★★★★ Jesse Raatikainen, Episodi

“…a beautiful out-of-body experience. With this dazzling body-swap romance, Makoto Shinkai confirms his reputation as Japan’s new animation king.

–  “I feel like I’m always searching for someone…” Ever since the animation legend Hayao Miyazaki announced (perhaps prematurely) that 2013’s The Wind Rises was to be his final feature, fans have been searching for a successor to his artistic throne. Last week, Miyazaki revealed that 2019 may in fact see the completion of a full-length version of his short-film project, Boro the Caterpillar. But in the interim, an heir apparent has emerged in the shape of Makoto Shinkai, whose breathtaking body-swap romance Your Name has dominated the Japanese box office for months.

Revisiting themes of longing and separation that became his signature in films such as 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) and The Garden of Words (2013), Shinkai’s fifth feature has confirmed the writer-director as a major talent, duly dubbed “the new Miyazaki”. 

–  The animation is thrilling, with the almost photo-realist views of Taki’s urban Tokyo life contrasting with the verdant hues of Mitsuha’s lakeside home.

Scenes of astral magic and natural disaster (an understandable preoccupation of Japanese cinema) lend a degree of spectacle that would put many live-action blockbusters to shame, while a hallucinogenic diversion into chalk pastel wonderment will transport even the most sceptical viewer to another realm.

– Throughout, Shinkai juxtaposes male and female, town and country, science and superstition, past and present. But it’s in the twilight twinkling of kataware doki, when night and day meet and worlds old and new collide, that the real heart of this story lies. Like Chris Marker’s pioneering sci-fi La jetée (which inspired Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys), Your Name spirals elegantly towards a point where beginnings and ends become indistinguishable, but does so more in the manner of a melancholy coming-of-age comedy than an abstract arthouse experiment.

For all its thematic complexities, there is plenty to laugh about too, from a recurrent gag about Taki being caught fondling “his” breasts while in the throes of a body swap, to the gentle teasings of Taki’s co-worker Ms Okudera, who seems more attracted to the transposed Mitsuha than to any awkward boy. Teen audiences in search of a “relatable” love story will find this every bit as accessible as Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, while older viewers will delight in the way that archaic arts have become an integral part of 21st-century cinema.

Like the stories they tell, these moving pictures are a fusion of the ancient and modern. “Treasure the experience,” Mitsuha’s grandmother tells her sagely. “Dreams fade away after you wake up.” Not so this splendid movie, which will leave audiences in a heady reverie long after its mysterious light has faded from the screen.”

★★★★★ Mark Kermode, The Guardian

“If I told you that Your Name, writer-director Makoto Shinkai‘s drama (originally titled Kimi no na wa), was an amazing anime that is sweeping the world thanks to its unconventional storytelling approach, gorgeous visuals, and tear-jerking romance, there’s a good chance you’d only hear one word: anime. The word still carries a stigma today, even though the traditionally Japanese storytelling style has steadily become a part of Western culture over the last few decades. Your Name is poised to be a gateway anime film for a whole new generation.

To be fair, some of the tropes that the anime genre has become known for are at play here: The story centers on two high school characters, the juxtaposition of technology and tradition is a big part of their journey, and the memory of a massively destructive event haunts the collective consciousness. However, these common themes found throughout anime exist in Your Name to serve the story; everything else about it is unique and surprising. This makes for a refreshingly entertaining film that will have you invested in the fate of the charismatic leads as they struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds.

– Shinkai also delivers one of the most earnest, intimate, and admirable romances in recent movie history.

– And this is all without mentioning the breathtaking visuals on display, from the Tokyo cityscapes, to rural and urban train stations (another hallmark of anime), to lush and impressive natural landscapes, most of which are inspired by real-world locations. The character designs are charming and practical, far from the over-the-top appearances you might expect when hearing the word “anime.” Heightening every emotional beat in the film is the fantastic soundtrack–which is destined to become a playlist in its own right–that occasionally breaks through to become the focus of a scene or sequence. It’s honestly amazing to me that all the disparate parts of this film came together so well to make something this unforgettable; to miss it is inexcusable.

Your Name is a wonderful cinematic experience. You don’t need to be an anime fan to enjoy Your Name, just like you don’t need to understand the historical and cultural significance of kuchikamizake to appreciate its place in the plot (though a familiarity with anime history and Japanese culture certainly helps). At the end of the day, Your Name is a timeless crowd-pleaser that will have you laughing, crying, and loving right along with Mitsuha and Taki for years to come.”

★★★★★ Dave Trumbore, Collider

“Makoto Shinkai. Get used to that name. Within the next few years, if there is any justice in this crazy universe, it will be as synonymous with culturally transcendent Japanese animation as Hayao Miyazaki is right now. And there’s a good chance he will also be holding an Oscar early next year. Either for Best Animated Feature, or Best Foreign Language Film. Or why not even both?

– Shinkai’s brazen narrative boldness, his dextrous handling of alternating, equally likeable lead characters, and his mastery of hand-drawn visuals all weave together to form a profoundly gorgeous cinematic experience. If any film has the right to be called this decade’s Spirited Away, it’s this one.

– Part body-swap comedy, part long-distance romance, part... something else. If you only see one Japanese animated feature this year, see this one, and see it more than once.”

★★★★★ Dan Jolin, Empire


Ohjaus: Makoto Shinkai

Näyttelijät: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryo Narita

Levittäjä: Cinema Mondo

Kieli: Japani, tekstitetty suomeksi ja ruotsikisi. 


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